Hello, my name is Fabian Kromer. I was born and raised in Austria (Klosterneuburg) and currently live in Vienna. During my master studies at the Technical university of Vienna I was working as Junior Researcher at the Research Studios Austria (RSA) for three years.

Afterwards I decided to work in a different field and started as a technical consultant at Planisware in San Francisco. I lived there for almost two years after which I decided to move back to Europe and continued to work for Planisware Germany for one more year.

Back in Austria I started to work on my own projects (Die Bonierer, mobilegeddon, …) and ended up founding my own company kromit.

When I am not working you will most likely find me outside on a board (depending on the season/location this could be a Snowboard, Surfboard, Skateboard, …). I support open source software in every way possible and encourage people around me to do the same.

Mag. Fabian Kromer